CurlyKids HairCare, the globally recognized Black-owned children’s hair care brand, is partnered with Karma’s World, the Netflix series from executive producer Chris “Ludacris” Bridges.


Step Out In Style With CurlyKids Haircare

CurlyKids Hair Care products have been specially developed for children with curly hair and all of the wonderful textures that make up this incredibly diverse hair type.

From hair that is curly-kinky, curly-coily, curly-wavy, curly-frizzy, or a combination of textures, our products satisfy the specific conditioning, moisturizing, and detangling needs that all of these textures share, without being sticky, tacky, or greasy.

CurlyKids products are always sulfate and paraben free and contain the most effective ingredients to address the specific hair care needs of all our CurlyKids Cuties!

CurlyKids Hair Tips and News

Parents magazine: The Best Curly Hair Products for Kids

CurlyKids Mixed HairCare Curly Creme Conditioner Creamy curl-defining lotion adds moisture and control to dry-looking curls. This formula is free […]

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Ludacris’ Media Company Inks Licensing Deals to Boost Black-Owned Businesses

“When Karma’s World launched two years ago, series creator Chris ‘Ludacris’ Bridges told The Hollywood Reporter he hoped the Netflix […]

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Five Black-Owned Must-Haves for Kids This Holiday Season

Racquel Coral, Contributing Writer November 29, 2021 CurlyKids HairCare With so many hair care products to choose from, it […]

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6 Must-Haves For Perfect Curls for Kids

By Delia Douglas Haight October 29, 2021 Essentials created by Black-owned businesses for your littles’s glorious crown of curls. There […]

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15 Black-owned kids clothing and toy brands to shop now CurlyKids is number six on their list! Whether your child has loose curls or tight curls, CurlyKids has something […]

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My Hair, My Way Summer Party

My Hair, My Way Summer Party

Our SoCal CurlyKids have so much heart! So many CurlyKids showed up to celebrate My Hair, My Way and the […]

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CurlyKids Is Available At These Fine Retailers And Independent Beauty Supply Stores

CurlyKids Products Are Available In Stores Across North America, Europe, And Africa