6 Must-Haves For Perfect Curls for Kids

By Delia Douglas Haight
October 29, 2021

Essentials created by Black-owned businesses for your littles’s glorious crown of curls. There are so many wonderful textures that make up the incredibly diverse hair type of curly hair: curly-kinky, curly-coily, curly-wavy, curly-frizzy, even a combination of textures. We have found that the product lines that work the best for curly hair are the ones specifically developed for children with curly hair; products that satisfy the specific conditioning, moisturizing and detangling needs that all of these textures share.

Here’s a round-up of six of the very best, most popular, and highly effective hair care items in the curly community for kids.

Prevent breakage

CurlyKids HairCare HoneyComb Out Moisturizing Detangler is an anti-breakage moisturizing detangler that’s designed for curly and coily hair.

Make sure to moisturize

Let your kids’s natural hair soak up a moisturizing styling gel like this Curly Gel from CurlyKids HairCare.

Don’t forget to condition

Make natural hair conditioning fun for your kids with the Curly Creme from CurlyKids HairCare.

Style your edges

Use an edge styler like this Camryn’s BFF Gentle Edges Brush.

Detangling made easy

Try a pain-free detangler Brush like this one from Brush with the Best by Felicia Leatherwood.

Capping it off

Opt for a satin-lined cap like this one from Grace Eleyae.

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