About CurlyKids

Wondering how the CurlyKids Product line started?

Interestingly enough, it was at a family gathering — this one happened to be a backyard barbecue — where we really took notice of our family's cultural diversity. We would always joke about the delicious variety of culturally authentic foods that would accompany these family events. We weren't oblivious to the fact that our children, too, represented this beautiful cultural diversity. Talking, as usual, about the kids, once again the topic of managing and caring for the little one's hair entered the conversation.

Familiar refrains of, “she is so tender headed… her hair is so thick… I don’t know what I am going to do with all this hair… he has his daddy’s hair… her hair is so dry… I can’t do a thing with that hair” and so on (I think you get the picture), would dominate the conversation.

Yes, it was a chorus of complaints and frustrations but also the undeniable recognition that our children were uniquely beautiful with all their curly, coily, kinky, frizzy and wavy hair textures.

It was this unintentional plea for help that inspired us to develop a line of products that would address the distinct and specific needs of these beautiful curly hair textures. There were some products that managed to partially meet those needs, but many if not most were very heavy products. Either that or they were extremely pricey. It was clear to us there was a real need for a product that would provide extra moisture and conditioning without being sticky, greasy, or heavy and available at a price that was affordable.

Our goal was to develop products that effectively addressed the expressed desires that parents of curly haired children shared with us.