We’re helping boys and girls everywhere rock their natural curls in their own special way.

CurlyKids’ mission is to provide hair care products as unique as the kids who use them. Our products are specially designed for a wide array of hair types and textures.

Our seven ambassadors reflect the vast differences in looks, styles and passions, while demonstrating how our individuality connects us through a shared love of natural hair. These pioneers are forging their own identities and aren’t afraid to stand out from the crowd.

CurlyKids Hair Care gives them the confidence to tap into their own signature styles, and to experiment with their natural hair. Fashion designer Kenna goes bold and big, while Christian, an actor, loves to change his hair to fit any role.

We give our ambassadors the tools to create, inspire, captivate and motivate. Any kid should feel empowered to pick up a CurlyKids product and discover what magic awaits. Love your curls and live your best life CurlyKids Hair Care.



Rhythmic Gymnast

CurlyKids Curl Defining Lotion keeps Jayla light on her feet, without sacrificing style and support.