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Amaiya Rose

British Ambassador

United Kingdom

CurlyKids - For A Curly World - Ambassadors - United Kingdom - Amaiya Rose

Who loves her curls? London’s little Amaiya Rose does, that’s who! This three-year old CurlyKids Cutie loves pulling on her curls or twists and watching them spring back up! She has tons of beautiful curls, and her mom is so creative with her gorgeous hairstyles! Amaiya just started attending nursery school! She is such a quick learner, she can already write her name! This fun loving little girl loves to dress up and role playing from princesses to superheroes!

Her talents are ballet and singing in her church children’s choir! Although she is an only child she is always trying to encourage her mommy to go to the “baby shop” so she can choose a brother or sister. Curly wurly Amaiya Rose as she is known loves her wash days and using CurlyKids Haircare Products. She loves seeing how long her curls get when they are wet and straight down her back. Her mother says she has been so pleased with how “healthy” Amaiya’s curls are since they have used the CurlyKids Products line.